Unfortunately most “issues”, unlike programming languages, are so contentious you’d probably only attract the extremist nutters, from all or just one part of the spectrum. First challenge - find an issue to coalesce around that doesn’t lead immediately to abuse or blood on the streets.

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For possible models of how panocracy might work why not try and find a small town or parish council who might give it a go. The transition towns network might be a good place to start - https://transitionnetwork.org/ . Your IT models are good but they all have a specific focus and therefore a ready made population of interested individuals. We need a specific place, or perhaps an issue, to focus on, and see how panocracy might work in practice.

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Just looked at the panocracy.net site - the typeface is pretty, but almost illegible. Suggest something boring like Times Roman or Palatino

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Thanks for your helpful comments. This is just the kind of thing I need to get things going in the right direction.

I thought I'd try to address them all in the one reply

Extremist nutters: yes I accept that we'll have to walk before we can run.

In the long term, Panocracy's proposal system will have to deal with people who are inarticulate, severely prejudiced or indeed mentally ill. Even programming languages stir up much religious fervour!

I don't want to attempt to prescribe at this stage how that might be done. It may well be that others have good solutions to those problems or that some approaches evolve during the 'sandbox' stage.

Yes, we should start with something fairly innocuous - but I believe it should be a real issue that motivates and energises people. That said, such issues tend to be the ones that polarise opinion so it's going to be a challenge. Technically, we're a long way from anything that good at the moment.

It will take me a while to look into the transition network but a quick look suggests it's a really promising avenue.

I used Cursive font on panocracy.net which I realise renders differently on different devices. The website of course needs to be made much more attractive and 'modern' so I'll definitely change the font and develop a more attractive design. I just wanted to get something going.

Thanks again for your excellent comments!

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